Mark your planners! We are looking to launch our magazine on the 30th November, and we are so excited to share it with you! So what can you expect? Well our Winter 2017 issue has a bit of a Christmas theme, and we have THE Anna Brim, Mrs Brimbles herself, contributing a Christmas planning article. There is a DIY tutorial, planning on a budget and more to see.

We have been learning a lot during this first issue, just while we get our feet wet and test the waters so to speak. So as much as we wanted to have a physical magazine, for this first issue, we chose to keep it simple with a digital only launch. You will be able to access it here from the website, via PDF, and it will be FREE to download. Going forward we look forward to having regular features each quarter and getting your feedback on what you want to see.

We really hope you enjoy it when it is released!

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