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I began list making at a very early age but my first ‘planner’ was a homework planner I was issued on the first day of high school. I loved that thing. I filled it in religiously and often had to tape in extra pieces of paper to accommodate my new obsession. At age 15 ‘Santa’ gave me my very first Filofax and I never looked back.

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When did you make the transition from paper to digital? Or do you use both?

 I’m dyslexic and a computer nerd so I got into digital stuff early. My first paycheques from a Saturday job at McDonald’s went toward buying a pocket organiser the size of a credit card, which was basically a glorified calculator with dates, but much easier to carry about. I used to transfer stuff to my planner when I got home. I still do this but now I use my phone.

Do you think using a device such as an iPad will make planning more appealing for younger generations?

I think tablets and phones have made it easier to plan for everyone. There aren’t many people who font at least use a task list app and calendar. But there are still young people who love analogue too – you only have look at #studygram to see that planning is alive and well amongst the under 25s.

Many people in the planner community share a love for stationery and paper, do you think that digital planning satisfies a different audience?

I think it serves a different function. I think better with a pen in my hand, I love the feel of paper, but I also need practicality and for me that’s a few basic apps to stay on track. I don’t think the audience is necessarily different. There are people who plan both ways both inside and outside the ‘planner community’. But we tend to think if the planner community as the Facebook groups and YouTubers. There’s plenty of dedicated forums such as those for GTD and timbers and hashtag used by those who are more social media oriented.

Do you think you’ll ever be tempted away from digital and back into paper and ink?

I do and will always use and love both, because they serve different functions for me. I will never give up my pens and paper, but you’ll have to pry my tech from my other hand! I love both.

Where do you get your inspiration for your digital planner stickers?

I don’t really use digital planner stickers. I use free to use downloads for planner icons or just doodle my own.

Whats your tip for anyone looking to get into digital planning?

Think of it primarily as an extension of an analogue system and an additional tool first. Don’t just jump right on in unless you’re already digitally oriented. Try it, see if and how it works for you but don’t invest everything in it and then throw it in a corner in a huff if you don’t immediately ‘get it’. 5 years ago most people didn’t see the point of tablets. Now many casual users are doing away with their desktops because their tablets do everything they need. Give it time.

Do you have any device or program recommendations?

 Start with what you have and only upgrade if you feel it’s going to be worth it. Look for free programs and try lots of them, only paying for things you need. And don’t forget to use your cloud storage! Google, iCloud, Dropbox… they all sync everywhere. Make use of them to ensure all your devices stay up to date automatically.

Random Q. Whats your favourite quote?

She never needed to find herself because she always knew who was doing the looking.

Sir Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad (Discworld series)

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