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When did you first get into planning?
I first began when I was 8 years old. In the third grade and I purchased a chandlers assignment notebook which is still a favorite of mine but no longer in production.

When did you make the transition from paper to digital? Or do you use both?
I use both and it just happened April 2018 so it’s new. I have played with digital in the past when the first palm pilot came out!

Do you think using a device such as an iPad will make planning more appealing for younger generations?
YES!!! I think young people love everything digital and just learn from it more quickly then they do analog!

Many people in the planner community share a love for stationery and paper, do you think that digital planning satisfies a different audience?
Yes and no. I believe that digital will make digital stickers and things to look like physical stationary but at heart most die hard stationary addicts will still love cute post its!!

Do you think you’ll ever be tempted away from digital and back in to paper and ink?
Yes, I will never give up paper and ink

Where do you get your inspiration for your digital planner stickers?
Pinterest or I make things that I need.

Whats your tip for anyone looking to get into digital planning? 
Watch ALOT of youtube channels before you invest in it. Practice on your phone and make sure it’s something that you like

Do you have any device or program recommendations?
I am using an Ipad but I love samsung tablets as well.

Random Q. Whats your favourite quote?
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations!

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