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We are excited to be featuring some additional interviews on our blog, and we are even more excited to have an exclusive here at The Creative Planner – joining the Coffee Addicts is Mimi Gaylor [Everday Awesome]. You may have noticed her name alongside the other coffee addicts (Rhomany, Vicky and Carie) within our magazine feature on the One Book July challenge and we are so pleased to be able to bring you an interview with the newest member.

When did you first get into planning?

I starting keeping a small 2-year calendar when I was in college many years ago. At that time, all I needed was a place to write in when assignments were due and appointments. Even though I was very busy with school and a toddler, it was all I needed (with a spiral notebook used occasionally to write grocery lists, bills to pay, etc.)

My first “big” leap into planning came with my first professional job. I worked in social services and managed a large caseload. The organization I worked for invested in a time management system called Priority Management. It was very detailed and expensive training, similar to Franklin Covey.

When did you make the transition from paper to digital? Or do you use both?

I started planning digitally around 10 years ago. It started with my laptop and a note-taking app. Then as soon as the Palm Pilots came out with a phone version, I snapped that up quick! The technology has changed over the years but I continue to use my phone and favorite calendar app to keep appointments and tasks, sometimes notes. Now I also use my digital planner along with the app.

I’m a total techno-geek and love my digital planning…. But, I find I still need to have a paper planner to supplement my system. Sometimes I just need to feel the paper! I should note though, that when I do use paper, I usually end up snapping photos of the pages and adding them into my digital planner.

Do you think using a device such as an iPad will make planning more appealing for younger generations?

I do believe that digital planning is more appealing to the younger generation. Simply because they are more comfortable using devices.

Many people in the planner community share a love for stationery and paper, do you think that digital planning satisfies a different audience?

I find that there is a mix of users and actually there are men who are willing to try out my digital planners.

Most of the folks are just like me and want a more convenient way to plan. They have tried out several different paper planners and are now venturing into the digital planner world. It’s so versatile.

Do you think you’ll ever be tempted away from digital and back into paper and ink?

Of course! But then again, I’ve never given up my paper completely. I think I have the best of both worlds right now. I can keep them both and live in planner happiness!

Where do you get your inspiration for your digital planner stickers?

My digital stickers are mostly inspired by seasons or occasions. I also find myself using some of the same elements in my planning over and over…. This will eventually be translated into some sticker designs to make decorating simpler over time.

What’s your tip for anyone looking to get into digital planning?

Digital planning can seem intimidating at first, especially to those who are not on devices on a daily basis. You can start out simple by just using the calendar app on your phone. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate system.

If you want to try a digital planner such as the ones I design, then think about the format you would like to use. Are you more comfortable using horizontal, vertical, hourly or daily planners? Find a design you like and just go for it! You can decorate your digital planner and make it fun and interesting… Just like you would a paper planner.

Do you have any device or program recommendations?

I personally design my planners to work best using the app GoodNotes. At this time, GoodNotes is only available for iOS. This means that I recommend using an iPad. I also recommend using an Apple Pencil. There’s just no comparison. It feels like a “real” writing utensil. Previously, the Apple Pencil only worked with the iPad Pro series but the newest version of the iPad (2018) will work with an Apple Pencil.

For non-Apple products, I highly recommend a Samsung tablet that comes with an S-Pen. If GoodNotes were to create an Android version of their app, I would probably switch to this setup. For now, the Android app I would recommend using is Metamoji Notes. It’s very similar to GoodNotes but does not allow the “tabs” to work.

Random Q. Whats your favourite quote?

Bloom where you are planted – Let me explain… I worked in social services for approximately 25 years. Life can be hard. I’ve seen and experienced many heartbreaking things… but the things that happen to us don’t have to determine what we make of ourselves. When I tell the kids they can be whatever they want to be, I really mean it (except, of course, if they want to be an elephant!). The greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is the ability to find our unique talents and share them with the world.

Each Wednesday we will have an interview with each of the Coffee Addicts members, so be sure to come back next week when we will be chatting with Vicky!

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