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I am so excited to be continuing this feature with a small shop that a lot of people maybe won’t know. For the month of February you can recevie a cheeky discount from Little Pencil Designs.

Little Pencil Designs is run by the lovely Nikki. Run out of her home office/studio where each design is hand crafted, made, printed, packaged and sent to you. Her husband helps with the admin side of the business whilst she gets to focus on creating more designs inspired by everything from daily life and strange conversations to films and music. 

She is very open to customs and making them perfect for you and your planner. If there is something you like the look of but it’s not in the correct size for your planner, she will try her best to help. 

What made you get into planning? When did it all start for you?

I had really bad anxiety, particularly with people being demanding on my time. One night I fell down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and discovered the world of planning. I bought the wedding planner extension pack for the Happy Planner (I didn’t even have a planner at the time) but from then I was hooked! I find the creative process of decorative planning has really helped with me taking back control and eased my anxiety.

What was your first planner and do you still have it?

Once I had bought the extension pack, I then had to get a Happy Planner so I got the classic sized in the Peony design off Amazon the next day. I still have it sitting proudly on my shelf and I love looking back for inspiration and seeing the creative ways I planned on a small budget 🙂

Were you influenced by anyone in the planner world?

Oh my gosh – that is a long list! I find myself influenced by a lot of shop owners and business women. Firstly Kayla from Oh Hello Stationery, she was one of the first people I came across whilst planning and she introduced me to no white space planning. On the creative side I love Stickwithme and Kell of a Plan on YouTube for their inventive ways of planning & organising.

What’s your favourite planner accessory/must have item?

It has got to be stickers… I love using stickers functionally in my planner. I find they draw my attention, pump me up for the week and help me focus. After this planner clips because they are just gone damn cute!

What’s your planner hate? What really grinds your gears?

I am not sure if this is a planner hate, but how much stuff you have to bring with you to plan. Every week I drag my dedicated bag filled with washi, stickers, sticker books, inserts and tools downstairs to plan. If I could have a bag like Mary Poppins for planning that would be perfect!

If you could have one planner item, at any cost, what would it be?

The MAMBI Christmas sticker book, although some of Simply Guilded items would come in a close second!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could have 3 luxuries, what would they be?

My mini planner, my iPad and Apple Pencil. Then I could be creative and still plan 🙂

Thanks, Nikki for sharing with us. And as a treat to you our reader we have a discount code that you can use in her shop. Use TCP2019, it gives you 20% off £5 min spend. So why not treat yourself!

I don’t know about you but I have enjoyed getting to know Nikki a bit more! If there is a shop that you would like to know a bit more about then drop us a comment. Or if you are a shop then hit up the application at the top and let’s chat!

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