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I am so excited to be starting this feature this year and bringing some amazing shops to you, our readers! This first shop is near and dear to my heart so let’s get into it!

Josephine Bow Designs is run by the lovely Joanne, she lives in the North aka Leeds. She is a one woman band and all of her stickers are designed and produced in house.

She is very open to customs and making them perfect for you and your planner. If there is something you like the look of but it’s not in the correct size for your planner, she will try her best to help. 

What made you get into planning? When did it all start for you?

I’ve always been a planner and stationery lover but a friend added me to a planning Facebook group one day and I realised that not only was I not alone but that planning wasn’t just planning; there was a whole world of amazing planners, people and lovely things to spend my money on.

What was your first planner and do you still have it?

Like many others my first planner was a Funfax! I don’t still have it but I spent many an hour making special inserts for it and decorating it. I also went through a phase of what could be considered digital planning as a teenager and asked for a Palm Pilot for Christmas one year!

It had a very pretty ice blue snap on cover (think Nokia 5110 for anyone old enough to have one of those) and was incredibly high tech with handwriting recognition! I only recently, very reluctantly, parted with it as part of a declutter.

The first day of school and a brand new homework diary to go with my new pens and pencil case was always a highlight for me!

Were you influenced by anyone in the planner world?

No-one specific as such but I am constantly amazed and impressed by how creative other planners are and the diversity in planning styles.

What’s your favourite planner accessory/must have item?

Erasable pens….I make too many mistakes to commit to permanent ink!

What’s your planner hate? What really grinds your gears?

Hate is a very strong word but..tiny planners! Even personal is too small for me but pocket, A6, nano, no chance! Inserts that aren’t designed with enough allowance left to punch the holes without ruining the printing really grind my gears.

If you could have one planner item, at any cost, what would it be?

A Mulberry Postmans Lock Agenda in Hibiscus Red but in a custom Medium size, I know the current small would be too small for me. 

If you were stranded on a desert island and could have 3 luxuries, what would they be?

Pencil and paper, can these be 1 item?! My dog and red wine!

Thanks, Joanne for sharing with us. And as a treat to you our reader we have a discount code that you can use in her shop. Use TCP2019, it gives you 20% off £10 min spend. So why not treat yourself!

I don’t know about you but I have enjoyed getting to know Joanne a bit more! If there is a shop that you would like to know a bit more about then drop us a comment. Or if you are a shop then hit up the application at the top and let’s chat!

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