Help us on issue 5

Points to note:

  • Deadline for submissions is 9th October. In certain circumstances, we may be able to extend the deadline so please contact us as soon as possible if there are any problems you are facing. Anything submitted after could be put forward for the following issue instead.
  • Please check out our Contributor and Guideline pages.
  • This will be our winter issue, anything winter related would be a bonus but not completely necessary as long as it is planner related.

Some of the articles we are looking for:

  • Someone to research planner meetups throughout December, January and February.
  • A planner DIY. (How to make something for your planner with a step-by-step guide)
  • A planner share (whether you wish to share your own planner with us, or search for someone to share their planner with us)
  • A planner space (whether you wish to share your own space with us, or search for someone to share theirs with us)
  • A product review. (Have you bought something recently and want to review it?)
  • Planning around Families/Significant Others. (How do you manage in your household? Do you have any tips to share?)

Of course, we welcome any other ideas you may have as well, so please submit those to us as well. Please let us know if there are any of these ideas on the list that you wish to do so that we may remove it from here so that no one else chooses it too 🙂

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