Planning on a budget: AliExpress Picks

As planner lovers, we often spend a small fortune on planners and planner accessories. We see the shiny new washi someone else has or the pretty foiled stickers and hunt them down in fear of them been discontinued or sold out. I couldn’t begin to tell you the money I have spent on things. However, there are places in which you can buy decent items at a much lower price. Unfortunately for us UK planner lovers, we miss out on the beauty of Michaels, Hobby Lobby and other amazingly priced stores in the UK. I mean we don’t do too badly overall but still, it could be better.

One store I have found to be a great resource is Aliexpress. Now, I know many people are worried about ordering as it is a Chinese based storefront, but you are just as protected ordering via this than anywhere else and many of the sellers also offer PayPal as a payment source. 

I have ordered things from here for over 2 years now and never been disappointed. Washi for as little as 50p a roll, memo pads that are great quality, pens which are gorgeous to write with. I have tried it all.

I am going to share with you my top 10 recommendations which will suit any planner lover.

  • Pens – There are a plethora of different pens available on Aliexpress. I purchased this lovely little fountain pen for 80p and really like it. It’s very light and easy to right with. It has a refillable cartridge, so you just need a bottle of ink rather than a million separate little ink cartridges everywhere.
  • Memo Pads – I am a massive fan of memo pads. They are so easy to have out on your desk or to pop a sheet or two in your planner. I purchased these two and they are great quality and super handy.
  • Sticky Notes – Many of us planner people love the good old sticky note. There are so many different styles and types to choose from here. From the functional, decorative or tabbed style, you will find whatever you need here for a very small price.
  • Washi – You can not go wrong purchasing washi tape from here. There are thousands to choose from. You can also buy plastic washi tape holders for your samples.
  • Stencils – If you like to bullet journal, or just want to pretty up your page but don’t feel confident to just let loose. You can get stencils to help. This 12 pack selection is perfect for all types of planner.
  • Stickers – Whether you like function or décor, or perhaps just want something for your journals. Aliexpress has a multitude of sticker varieties to choose from.
  • Pouches – I like to keep things together, especially when I carry them about. I love these handy little pvc pouches. I use one to carry all my washi samples around so they don’t get lost in my bag. I plan to get some more for my on-the-go watercolour paint set. 
  • Planners – There are literally hundreds of planners on Aliexpress. They come in various styles, colours, and sizes. They are particularly nice if you are trying out a new size and don’t want to spend a fortune on something you may not be suited to. They have ringed planners like the Domikee Macaron Planner and smaller weekly planners such as the Pocket Weekly Planner
  • Cutting Tools – I love these little knives. They are super small and safe to carry around and make it perfect for cutting washi.
  • Notebooks – Aliexpress have a massive range of notebooks. If you like standard notebooks like this then you will find what you are looking for. They also have a range of project style notebooks which are great if you do a lot of writing that needs separating into sections. 

As you can see from the selection provided, Aliexpress has an extensive range of budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing planners and accessories. 

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