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Some of the articles we are looking for:

  • Someone to research planner meetups throughout December, January and February.
  • A planner DIY. (How to make something for your planner with a step-by-step guide)
  • A planner share (whether you wish to share your own planner with us, or search for someone to share their planner with us)
  • A planner space (whether you wish to share your own space with us, or search for someone to share theirs with us)
  • A product review. (Have you bought something recently and want to review it?)
  • Planning around Families/Significant Others. (How do you manage in your household? Do you have any tips to share?)

Of course, we welcome any other ideas you may have as well, so please submit those to us as well. Please let us know if there are any of these ideas on the list that you wish to do so that we may remove it from here so that no one else chooses it too 🙂

Interview with: Carie Harling

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When did you first get into planning?

I’ve been making lists for as long as I can remember. My parents still have little lists I made in toddler scribble with a crayon.

When did you make the transition from paper to digital? Or do you use both?

I personally use both paper and digital. For my day-to-day planning and working out project plans, my brain far prefers paper. However, I love digital for keeping track of progress in large projects (Omnifocus) and searchable archiving (Evernote). Our whole family uses digital planning as far as the calendar goes as well; digital definitely has the upper-hand when it comes to organizing the schedules of a large family!

Do you think using a device such as an iPad will make planning more appealing for younger generations?

I know that planning digitally truly changed my husband’s viewpoint on planning, and all seven of my kids (well, not the six-year-old… yet) plan digitally. As I said before, there’s a massive benefit for everyone in our family being able to see everyone else’s schedule at a glance.

Many people in the planner community share a love for stationery and paper, do you think that digital planning satisfies a different audience?

I personally think that digital planning can expand the options for those who paper plan and can also appeal to an audience that perhaps didn’t pay much heed to planning when paper was the only option.

Do you think you’ll ever be tempted away from digital and back into paper and ink?

For large-project-tracking and archival resources, there’s no way I would ever go back to paper!

Whats your tip for anyone looking to get into digital planning?

I can only speak to the way I use digital planning, as I don’t plan my every day digitally, but I would say that it’s important to not feel as though you have to immediately learn and use all of the bells and whistles in whatever app you’re using. Use what you need and expand as your needs do.

Do you have any device or program recommendations?

My go-to digital planning apps are GoodNotes, Omnifocus, and Evernote. Our whole family uses Fantastical to sync all of our calendars, which is also awesome!